• 2017年7月14日 RIKEN RESEARCH
    Physicists solve ETH Zurich quantum point contact mystery
    Near superfluid conditions prompt atoms to form pairs to pass through a narrow gate, finds a new mathematical

  • 2015年11月27日 RIKEN RESEARCH
    A sensitive approach to atom counting
    Measurements of scattered photons can be used to detect the number of atoms trapped in the troughs of an
        optical lattice

  • 2015年3月20日 RIKEN RESEARCH
    The universal nature of three-body attraction
    A study of the interaction among three objects in peculiar resonant systems uncovers an unexpected universality

  • 2015年01月23日 RIKEN RESEARCH
    Particles find their mass
    Simulations indicate that a peculiar state of matter at close to absolute zero could be used to observe an elusive
        quantum phenomenon called quantum mass acquisition